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About AlgoChurch


Thanks to promoting technology in Artificial Intelligence and data science, our team started its activity in order to provide modern software solutions. Our team spent about two years on research and development in the fields of machine learning, deep learning, neural networks and intelligent systems.




With the expansion of people interested in financial markets, the entry of more people, and the possibility of forecasting becoming more complex due to the advancement of technology, the need to provide modern solutions to meet the needs of traders and accurately predict the market was felt. At this point in time, our team decided to use its expertise in artificial intelligence and algorithmic trading in the financial markets.


The first trading robots and expert advisors were built and optimized based on artificial intelligence. Our team focused on providing automated intelligent systems for more accurate forecasting of global and forex markets with minimal errors.




Algochurch was founded to provide investment services with the help of trading robots. Algochurch marketing was expanded to be among the financial market participants worldwide and has set its goal to satisfy and make customers profitable.

Advantages of AlgoChurch

You can see various products suitable for you in Algochurch. The most important features of our products are:

  • Investigating the profitability of trading robots and expert advisors in long-term periods

  • Conduct robustness tests on trading robots and display their results

  • Optimizing trading robots and expert advisors for more profitability and lower risk

  • Presentation of trading robots in portfolio format to reduce risk for the first time in the world

  • Experience algorithmic trading based on artificial intelligence

  • Provide a comprehensive guide for more informed purchase of products

  • Permanent support

  • Regular and free updates

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Algochurch Investors

Our Investors

People who believe that the future of financial markets is in the hands of algorithmic trading and trading robots can find the best solutions in Algochurch. Also, our customers can easily rent and buy trading robots, indicators and portfolios for more profit in the financial markets. Also, customers who need more professional advice and management in the financial markets can contact our support.

Our Team

Algochurch Group operates with passion and vision for the future with the aim of providing new services to its customers. The team’s main core is located in London, England, with expert and experienced personnel. In order to to make more profit for customers, Algochurch is trying to use the latest technology in its products. The company claims to be a leader in algorithmic trading fields. Our goal is always to gain the trust of our customers.

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